Keeping your horse healthy

  Keeping our equine athletes healthy is super important when you want to keep your horse running at his highest level. There are many ways to keep your horse running happy and sound. You have to be able to listen to your horse and know if your horse is hurting. If they stop working, refuse to go into the alley or start losing weight, these can all be signs of health issues.

If they start exhibiting some of these signs, you need to take your horse to a equine veterinarian to get checked out. They can do a soundness exam, different types of diagnostic tests as well as doing some x-rays to find any underlying problems. If the problem is in his joints, your horse can be injected and it will help make him comfortable and able to perform. The most common areas barrel horses get injected are the hocks, stifles and the coffin joints. These joints take the most pounding because of the twisting and pressure applied through hard stops and turns.


    Another way to keep your horse feeling sound and healthy is to put them on a joint supplement. MVP has one of the best joint supplements on the market, Exceed 6 Way. This product has all the ingredients and minerals needed to keep your horse’s joints healthy. Joint supplements are a great way to help keep your horses feeling good on a daily basis. These are great way to prevent the breakdown of the joints and replenish the minerals and vitamins lost during strenuous activities.

Having a good feed and hay program is also very important to keeping your equine athlete healthy. Here at the ranch we believe in using the best for our horses so we feed Purina. Purina has years of research behind their tested formulas and they consistently produce a product that doesn’t change and always works. Purina guarantees every bag shipped out of their factory. One reason I love Purina is that it is readily available wherever you might find yourself when traveling. Along with using a high quality feed, using a good quality hay is also important. A good grass hay or alfalfa is important to keep your horses in good condition. Horses are grazing animals so they need to have roughage such as hay or grass in front of them as much as possible. Choosing a slow feed hay bag is one way to ensure your horse is spending considerable time “grazing” his hay while being stalled. You want to have a set feeding schedule because horses stomachs are very sensitive. Veterinarians recommend at least 10 hours between each feeding. By feeding the same time every feeding, you will help in aiding to prevent colic and keep your horse’s stomach functioning properly.  Keeping your horse on a regularly, scheduled deworming program will also help keep your horses in tip top shape.

Keeping your equine athlete healthy is very important if you want to succeed in the arena. If they are feeling good and looking good they will give a 100% inside the arena. I take very good care of my horses and in return they have won many championships and titles. Barrel racing is a team sport that requires both you and your horse to feel and be your best to succeed.